Canadian Lure Manufacturers

The maker of the famous flatfish lures which came in over 15 sizes from tiny fly rod flatfish to large 'musky' sized T60. The T55 and T60 Flatfish gained legendary status in Australia during the 1960's and 70's when they were attracting trophy figure Murray Cod and large Tassie trout. With literally  90 million sold since the company started there should be at least one in everyones tacklebox. The earliest Helins Flatfish will be timber and have a distinctive metal hanger that was later changer to screw in hangers. All later flatfish are constructed of plastic and will have the model number in raised plastic on the back. The wooden versions will have a black stamp on the back in black while plastic models in between these time periods will have the model stamped on the bib.


(Above) Helins T55 Flatfish.
 (Below) Helins T60 Flatfish
Another Helins model that became a craze in Australia and particularly Tasmania when fishing for large surface feeding trout was the Helins 'Fish Cake'. Shaped from timber (highly bouyant cedar), the 'Fish cake' has props on both ends that spin slowly and chop up the water. Best worked slowly at night these lures came in 4 sizes - No 7, 9, 11 and the big number 13 with two sets of double trebles - double trouble in every way!! The numbers will be either on the back of the lure or the belly.

 (Below) Helins 'Fish cake' No. 7 in frog spot.