Not all lures will have photos due to availability however if you have new or updated information and photos you would like to share and add to the information database contact us

                                                                               *Cover photo - A QLD Mangrove Jack caught on an HJK lure 

**It may take up to 20 seconds or more for some of the pages to load depending on your computer system and internet connection. This is due to the large amount of high resolution images and photos on some of the pages in the Australian lure database. 

The main focus of this website is on Australian lures. For information on some of the more common USA made fishing lures and other lures from around the world that influenced Australian lure makers refer to 'Lures - World'. Lure makers are listed alphabetically by brand name with a short biography or historical note on the maker and available models. If a lure maker marketed their lures under their own name, the database will list the surname first. ie Smith, Fred Smith Lures


The Australian lure makers that have been assigned their own pages have been the most influential makers that have either made commercial success of their designs over time or have been respected by collectors for the originality and quality of the lures they produced. Although there are many other influential makers that could or should be in this select category, it was also determined on volume of current information - Lure Hub OZ does not wish to enter into debate about other lure makers that deserve more space as there will be more added in the future as information is expanded. This is a collaborative free resource and any inaccurate information will be amended and corrected as it becomes available.  

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