Pedder 'Homebake' 2011

 In 2011 the first Pedder 'Homebake' was held as an experiment with 4 anglers taking part. The wind and sleet from the previous night was severe and a late start was made around 10am and from this day it was decided that gentlemens hours of competition would be adhered to every year. Hours of fishing were set at 10am -4pm. The fishing was good this year and Matt Dayton took out biggest fish with David Dick catching most fish.
Both these anglers have immense local knowledge and Matt only made a few lures and won the day with a fish early that went approximately 3 and half pound. For those who follow forums and read fishing publications these two are known for catching XXL trout - competition was fierce but the weather was fiercer! David a.k.a Tyenna Dave makes an exceptional fishing lure and it looks like it was the Tassie Highland Lures that were attracting more fish because Tyenna Dave won the day with 'most Fish' caught (19 fish).
(Above) A couple of fish caught on MXB Lures - these two were earlier balsa creations. Lure on the right is the original spotted dog 'Banana' which has been long lost