Pedder 'Homebake' 2012

Pedder Hombake 2012 boat launch at Mc Partlans. 
David Dick a.k.a Tyenna Dave backed up in 2012 and caught most fish again on a tough day with approximately 20 anglers. Most anglers were lucky to get 3 fish but Dave managed to double that with 6 fish on his little 'Pedder Special'. It was the year for the young fellas with Nathan Huizing catching biggest fish and it surpassed our expectations for a couple of reasons. The amount of anglers that turned up to compete and the vast array of lures everyone had created. The fishing was tough due to maintenence work being done on the Gordon Dam wall, hence Mc Partlans channel was not running. Not to mention the youngest angler young Alec Dayton at 5 years of age who caught the same amount of fish as most of the adult anglers (3 fish) and his Dad.
Each year there is a lucky dip lure prize, meet and greet and lure swaps after competition and weigh-in have finished. Pedder 'Homebake' 2012 must thank a few very special sponsers including Powell Lures (Travers Powell, Maitland, NSW)  for his wonderful hand carved creations for first prize (biggest fish), Esoteric Lures (Ted Sartori, Jerseyville, NSW) for the perpetual trophy and second prize (most fish).
 A 2012 Pedder 'Homebake' brown trout on hand made MXB balsa spotted dog  named 'The Banana'

Pedder 'Homebake' 2012 winner for biggest fish - Nathan Huizing holding trophy and with his Powelly hat.