Pedder 'Homebake' 2017

Pedder 'Homebake' 2017 was held on Saturday October 28th and as usual the weather was difficult with strong winds that made fishing uncomfortable. There was a good turn out this year with a number of anglers from the earlier days of Pedder 'Hombake' including Scott Norton, Greg Kowalski, Matt Dayton, Ian and Rosie Cooper as well as anglers from the past couple of years including Ben Campbell (Hobbled Lures), Andrew DeVries (Adept Lures), locals Chris Watts, Peter Denmen and Brian Fros. Two newcomers this year were Joe Eihkoff and Neil 'Nobby' Clark who took out BBQ King award and smallest fish for the day.
Winner for biggest fish was Brian Fros with a nice fish weighing a touch over 3 pound caught on one of his small minnows. Runner up was David Dick who pulled 3 fish in the last half hour to again take out the prize for most fish caught which was seven (7). 
Powell prize pack was won by Brian Fros
The Mark A lures prize pack for biggest fish
Mat Dayton's first fish on the THL caught in the first 5 minutes leaving the boat ramp.
Weather became a bit rough as the boats came in for the day - looking back towards Strahan
There was an amazing array of handmade lures this year from the Tasmanian cottage makers who never cease to amaze with their inventiveness and attention to detail. Some of these will be showcased below;
Brian Fros minnows were the winning lure this year accounting for a nice solid bag of 5 fish including the largest fish which took the bottom lure left (green backed golden trout)
THL (Tas Highland Lures) made by David Dick took out most fish again this year and also smallest fish caught by Nobby fishing for Team THL. The five lures below have caught many fish as evidenced by the numerous marks and scars. All made from King Billy Pine and these colour patterns replicate the local baitfish and small trout.
Adept Lures are made by Andrew Devries who has come a long way with his lure making in the last five years. The lures below were presented as gifts this year and can only be described as spectacular with internal rattle cages.
The thinner profile models above date to 2016 and are still being used in Sydney for Australian Bass and estuary species such as flathead and bream.
Ian Cooper makes an impressive 'Stumpjumper' inspired model. His lures are all handmade from Tasmanian timbers.
Ian and Rosie Cooper made it back this year and kindly added these lures to the Pedder Homebake collection of makers who have entered the competition over the years.
Scott Norton's 'Spotted Log' - classic lure
Peter Denmen broken back minnows in assorted colours. Beautiful lures with Peter now practising his airbrush skills as well as his usual hand painted touches of brilliance.
Chris Watts is a good friend of Peter Denmen and has been coming to the Pedder Homebake since the beginning. Makes a wide range of minnows designed for trout fishing including these two nude spotted dog minnows.
Special invitational guest Neil Nobby Clark sorting out the BBQ