A.K Lures/ Gary Akers Lures - NSW:

A.K Lures - Hunter Valley, NSW:
Gary Akers is a highly talented lure maker and makes a wide range of highly effective hand shaped and finished lure models.  AK Lures uses a range of native timbers including white beech and red cedar. Models include the 'Morpeth Mauler', 'Bonnel's Boomer', 'Mangrove Mauler', 'Punkinseed' (made in small numbers) and 'Big Mouth' to name a few. 
Gary is a very versatile craftsman who has been creating lures for over 50 years since 1968. Gary explains that his mother would be upset with him as a young teenager filling the bathtub with 'pieces of wood' while experimenting with making lures.  In March 2012 an early AK Lure c.1984 (a forerunner to the 'Morpeth Mauler') sold on Ebay for $73.95 and AK lures although slightly undervalued do consistently fetch good prices. Still made but in much smaller numbers nowadays.
Early Gary Akers AK Lure paperwork for the 'Bigmouth' with early AK lures logo and instructions for use. Gary kindly gave this to Lure Hub OZ several years ago when we going through his lure making history and this dates before 1980 c.1978/9
(Above) An early shallow 'Bigmouth' on the original card and packaging that was returned to Gary Akers in 2020. This lure would date pre-1980 and lure was released without split rings. The original hooks were attached directly to eyelet and when replaced split stem trebles were used or split rings attached.
(Left) These two lures were recently given back to Gary by an old friend. They have been well fished and date to the early 1970's. Note the top lure is the same as the lure shown above in the packet minus some paint and nearly 50 years of use.
AK Lures have a distinct style and some early lures will have stick on eyes or hand painted eyes. There are also examples of moulded lures that Gary made in the 1980's.
(Above) Early AK lure - not named and showing bib style which are hand punched. Timber
(Above) Early AK lure called the 'Wallaroo' which would have been available in the late 1970's and early 1980's.
(Below) An example of an early large offshore bibless lure made by Gary Akers. 
(Below) Two examples of the moulded AK lures that were made in the 1980's. Classic copies of the Rebel 'Crawdad'.
A fine selection of early Gary Akers lures dating back to early 1970's
The lures shown left are two early Gary Akers creations that belong to good friend Dave Jordan of Flapper Lures. Lure below is a one-off A.K Lure 
  (Above) An earlier lure and pre runner to the 'Mangrove Mauler'.
(Right) Earlier packaging pre 2011 showing 'Mangrove Mauler' model. 
A fine selection of recent Gary Akers lures in colour sets. Gary did not start signing his lures till after 2010. These belong to Darren Ringelstein, a keen collector of AK Lures.