Australian Lure Manufacturers P

If you know of an Australian lure maker no matter how young or old that we have not mentioned in the following list feel free to contact us  to have the details added or updated. 
*Banner image - Plees Lure multijointed cod surface lure. One of the first few made
PAC Lures - NSW: 
PAC Lures are made in Lismore and are the ones pictured are a larger jointed paddler. Signed near tail.
Paragon Spinner : 
The Paragon Spinner was advertised in the Mick Simmons Surecatch catalogue for 1936 and was available in three sizes. Unsure if these were an Australian made version of the James Gregory - Allcocks 'Paragon Spinner' or the original version.
Parker, Clive Parker Lures - TAS: 
Clive Parker has been making lures for many years and only recently stopped making his huon pine surface creations. In  various sizes a 'Clive' lure features a rotating head with two props that chop the water and make a commotion. Lures mimic struggling bugs, bats, mice or birds and attract large trout. Below shows two lures from some of the last lures made in 2018. Top one has a cork rotating head. Bottom one is all Huon Pine.
Payne, Rob Payne Lures - NSW: 
Rob Payne is a lure maker from Grafton, NSW that hand carves a range of lures that are made to fish.
Above is a few different models. His lures will be signed 'RP' as shown.
Pearce, Dave Pearce Lures - QLD:
Dave Pearce has been making lures for many years and is no longer making lures today. Originally his lures were made in timber but he also moulds lures from plastic too. The small yellow lure shown is an old Dave Pearce lure that dates back to the 1990's.
Right - some blanks carved by Dave Pearce and some examples of lures that have been made by Dave below.
Below - Dave Pearce 'Chin Minnow'
Pearson, Ben Pearson Lures - NSW: 
Ben Pearson is a hobbyist lure maker from Murwillumbah in northern NSW. His lures are hand carved and were not made in large numbers and were made to target breakwall mulloway.
Pearson, Les Pearson Lures - NSW: 
Les Pearson is a hobbyist lure maker from Ballina in NSW. His lures are hand carved with metal bibs and the customary soldered towpoint. There are also jointed models as shown. Les is over 80 years of age now and has always been an expert angler.
The lures shown above were signed for Debbie Dare however his lures are rarely signed. 
The lure left is an early Les Pearson model
Pearson, Ron Pearson Lures - QLD: 
Ron Pearson made a lure called the 'Dog Turd' which Vic Mc Cristal rated as 'one of the best surface lures ever'. Of simple construction, this primitive looking surface lure gained a reputation as a good fish catcher. Photo below was shown by Rob Harrison on his Facebook thread as an example of Ron Pearson's work.
Pee Gee's Lures - ACT:  
Pee Gee's lures are made by Peter Green from Kambah in the ACT area. Lures are handcrafted and through wired. Only ever made in small numbers.
Peg Lures - QLD:  
Peg lures made from 1959 -1965 by Tom Hooper of Gordonvale just south of Cairns. They are hand painted and have hand beaten Copper or Brass bibs. Tom was a very good barramundi fisherman and started making his own lures after talking to older guys like Ron Gallo. Lures may be multijointed. There is a great post on Lure Lovers about Peg Lures
Peg lures examples of double and triple jointed lures
Pegron Lures - NSW: 
Made by Basser Millyard in Sydney, NSW. The Pegron Minnow was first developed in 1957 by Ron Millyard and master lure designer Fred Denning. Pegron was an amalgamation of the names Peggy and Ronald. The lures were designed to be more suited to the demanding Australian fishing conditions than the overseas versions available at the time, and as such experienced huge success all over Australia. The lures were extremely popular up until the mid 1980’s, when high production costs and old-fashioned machinery meant the lures had become too expensive to produce & market on a large scale.
This Pegron 'Yabby' model also ended up as a Killalure 'Pack Rat'. The following explanation and history of this quickly discontinued Pegron model is relayed by Paul Kneller from Deception Lures.
'EFTEX awarded it best new lure, only to be told by an Australian lure heavy weight who was at the award night that they had given this prestigious award to a copy, in the year they declared war on Chinese fakes. But when Halco acquired RMG they bought the rights to the locking bib configuration which I believe was patented? When Basser Millyard then bought Classic lures and took the Killalure brand back in house, they decided to use the locking bib like on the now Halco owned RMG's, Patrick's were having none of that and took legal action, forcing Basser to pay a royalty to use the locking bib configuration. Along comes the Pegron Yabby with the same bib setup! Patricks lawyers take action again as the license was only granted under the Killalure brand, more royalties, and hence the name change.'
(Above) A mix of different Pegron spoons
(Left) Older Pegron minnows will be marked on the belly with the weight in pre metric ounce measurements and weighed 3/8oz. 
(Below left) A rare Pegron 'Salmon minnow'. In 1984/5 there were five colours in the Pegron range - Tiger minnow, Mountain minnow, Salmon (silver), Gold, Blue
(Below) Pegron Cocktail spoons on early cards came in 6 colours  - Black and silver grey, Green and white spotted, green and yellow barred, black and white spotted, Tiger -red orange,black barred, Rainbow - Red, blue yellow.
In 2001 Pegron lures were re released after after many years of non production and in a new and updated colour range.
The locking bib was designed by Rob Gaden, and sold as part of the RMG designs that were purchased by Halco.
Perfect, The Perfect:
A vintage maker of Australian devons dating back possibly before WW2 but exact dates are uncertain. The 'Perfect' brand may have been an in-house brand to compete with imported devons. Distinctive square shaped body and marked blade
Perfection Lures - QLD:
A cottage maker - the two lures directly below were unearthed at 2016 Expo and are made by Trevor Saunders. Shown is the 90mm 'Jiggura' and the 70mm 'Goonoo' made from Australian Red Cedar. Trevor does make many more types of lures including spinnerbaits and vibes.
Trevor also makes a number of other models including the 'Cod Botherer' a a vibe that is especially made fro Glen Lyon Dam 
Petersen, Les Petersen Lures - QLD:
A very early maker of timber lures, Les Petersen was a keen fisherman and made crude minnow style lures in the 1960's. Based in Cairns.
Petes Barra Baits - QLD:
A little known maker from Hervey Bay, QLD that made wooden lures with a similar shape to early Killalure and Leads Lures. Will be signed on the belly and have a metal alloy bib. Rare. No current photos
Pez Lures - NSW:
Pez Lures were made on the northern beaches of Sydney by Chris 'Pez' Perry for a short time around 2008-2010. Essentially they were a 'baitball' lure that could be jigged or slow trolled for bonito, kingfish, salmon and tailor. The lead heads were hand poured and the skirts were made by shredding heavy duty clear hose after it had been permanently dyed. Favourite colours were clear, red and purple. A highly effective jig/lure that replicates a squid or a baitfish. Photo is from the Lure Hub OZ shed - these lures were given to me by a old friend who used to own a boat and fish with the maker.
Pezz Lures - VIC:
A recent addition to the Australian lure market, Pezz Lures are made in Victoria and aimed at targeting Murray Cod. Using 500lb wire that runs through bib Pezz Lures have been accounting for quality Murray Cod.
The lure left and photo above appeared on Ebay in May 2014. Lures are signed on belly near tail and this one sold for $43
A trio of early Pezz Lures
P.G Lures - QLD:
Peter Griffiths has been making lures for many years under the 'Bullship' label. Peter is also a good friend of Shane Murphy and they work in collaboration on some special edition projects. P.G Lures are solely Peter's work with a small range of high quality timber lures for most fishing types.
Pig Lures - QLD:
Not much information about these lures but they did get a name in the Flathead Classic by being an excellent fish catcher. Slogan is 'Lures with Grunt' with a PO Box on the Gold Coast. Moulded lures.
Pimped Up Lures - VIC:
Pimped Up Lures attended the Lure Expo in 2019 and had a wide range of 'pimped' lures but also some interesting designs. Lures are mad by 'Pav' who has many years experience in lure manufacture and moulding. More information coming soon . . .
Left is a Pimped Up 'Wilson Slickback' in Cadbury foil
Pisscutter Lures - NSW:
Made in Inverell - Pisscutter Lures have a bit of a legendary status when it comes to Murray Cod fishing and there is a long history behind these lures which will be unpacked in the future. 
Lures shown are the 'Cod Lolly' (approx. 23cm) and the 'Cod Cutter' (approx 15cm)
Pittbull Custom Lures:
Timber lure creations made by Les O'Toole who has been coming up with some interesting models and exhibition pieces in the last few years. 
The lures showcased here were made in 2022 in low numbers
Pizzutto, Morris Pizzutto Lures - NT:
Timber lures made in Howard Springs, Northern Territory. Vintage lures and no longer made. A couple of models are shown right;
Top lure is called 'The Peanut'.
The bottom lure is called the 'Stick with Eyes' which looks to be a nice 'nude' prawn or shrimp shape.
Plees Lures - NSW:
Timber poppers and diving lures made by Peter Lee of Uralla, NSW. These magnificent creations are made from Australian red cedar and other Australian native timber  - bodies are lathe turned and wings hand made. Model below is the largest 'Cod Wasp'.
The lures pictured are from the second run of lures - the first run had green fluoro eyes while later runs went to 3D stick on eyes. All lures are signed with model name and the early versions will be individually numbered.
 The lure above is a Plees 'Callop' - only four of these were made as a tribute to this Peter Newell model.
Plees Lures will be signed in gold as shown. Above photo shows size comparison between the 'Cod Wasp' and the 'Scrub Grub'. 
The earlier model Plees Lures are no longer being made however Peter is still making some nice lures including the 'Fizz Bug' as shown left in the newer packets c.2014. The lure on the left in the photo is a lathe turned Fizz Bug made from a laminate of Australian red cedar and Huon pine.
The lure below is the Plees 3 eyed 'Googlehead' c.2013. This particular lure is the first one and signed No 1 on the belly. The early packaging was a hard plastic box with insert as shown above. The current packaging is shown left with clam shell packaging stapled to the Plees card.
The article below was published in Modern Fishing and features a Plees Lure in the mouth of a small bass. Right is the signed logo in the store at Uralla Post Office.
Pollard, Jeff Pollard Lures - NSW: 
Made in Gulgong, NSW, Jeff Pollard is a hobby lure maker. The lure right was shown on the Lure Lovers forum. Jeff's lures were marketed under the name of Coffin Lures. See Coffin Lures
Poole Lures - NSW: 
Made on the Central Coast of NSW by David Poole. Poole are old school styled lures that come on a multicoloured backing card as shown left but also on white card with fish. Makes poppers and bibbed lures and was initially inspired to make lures after purchasing one of the Powell lure kits from Travers Powell a few years back. More photos soon.
Poole, Ron Poole Lures: 
Made in Northern Queensland Ron Poole was shaping timber lures in the 1970's. Lure opposite is a clear coated timber minnow around 110mm with a metal bib. Signed and dated with the year 1975
Poppa Jimbo Lures : 
An interesting range of popper lures that are made from shaped foam with a wire insert and weighted towards the rear of the lure. Three sizes shown.
Popeye Lures - NSW: 
Handcrafted timber lures that are made in Inverell and may be found on a simple white and red paper backing card as shown.
Models shown are the 'Barra Buster', the 'Codfather' and the 'Razorback'.
Pork Lures - QLD: 
Hand made timber lures by Wade Harris. Pork Lures have been made for a couple of years but Wade mainly signs his lures 'Old School Lures'. Lures below signed 'Pork Lures' (top) and large minnow is signed 'Old School Lures'.
Porky's Lures - NSW, QLD: 
Originally made in Delungra, NSW and later Texas, QLD by Glen Butler, these interesting lures have forged a reputation for catching native fish such as Australian bass, Golden Perch and Murray cod. The lure body has an 's' shape and is very distinctive although there are other timber shapes like the minnow style pictured.
Three sizes of deep diving lure in 45, 65 & 85mm were available in 8 colours from MO's c.2000 along with Porky 'Surface Gurgler', 80mm in 5 colours.
Timber 65mm deep diving Porky's lures. A sturdy ideal lure for bass and native fish.
(Above and above left) shows the very rare Porky's 'Scorpion'. Unknown amount made so probably the rarest Porky's model.
Early Porkys lures will be constructed of timber while later models will be moulded plastic.
Moulded Porky's lures will be marked on the side with 'Porkys' on one side and 'Lure' on the other as shown.
Moulded Porky's lures will be marked on the side with 'Porkys' on one side and 'Lure' on the other as shown.
Lures came on a black card and were available in a number of sizes up to the Porky's 'Barra' (below on card). Lures will have an obvious seam along the back and belly when moulded. Porky's Lures are still made in small numbers in 2018
Porky Lures - TAS: 
Porky Lures make hand painted cobra style lures. Only available locally but with a wide range of colours
Porter, Don Porter Lures - QLD: 
Don Porter was a close friend of Vic Mc Cristal and Eric Moller and has been around the ANSA scene for a long time. He made some lures very similar to Moller Minnows with similar hand painted finish. He resides in Cardwell.

Don Porter's first minnow lures dating to 1970/71 are shown above and early signature right;
Note the stepped bib - Heddon 'Tiger' influence
 The following biography was kindly facilitated by Darren Ringelstein; 

'Born in 1938 into a fishing family with my Grandad being a commercial netter and crab fisherman I spent most of my early years with him operating in Townsville’s Ross Creek. His local vernacular name was Sharkey Morris, also known as the Pelican Man because of his affinity with the local pelicans.  From about 8 years of age I would be hopping off the stern of a dinghy in a pitch black mangrove creek, holding a net tail rope while floundering through muddy banks in the dark night hours hauling in the catch. In those rather primitive times compared to today, the thought of crocodiles or sharks were never considered, although we had some dicey events. Sharks, shovel nosed rays and large sawfish were often caught in the pocket which mostly resulted in our arms stretched, a lost catch, and extensive net repairs. Obviously I had no choice but to become heavily involved in fishing but never took on the commercial side from my Grandfather, for being the only son in a big family, in 1952 I signed to a long apprenticeship and became a Plumber.

In 1970 I joined a local recreational fishing club and soon after when hearing of a meeting at Cardwell for recently formed mob called ANSA Qld State Exec and finding out our club nominee had resigned I attended the meeting in his place at Vic McCristal’s home. I joined the Exec on the spot and have been in ANSA Qld since then and held the positions of Publicity Officer, President, National Delegate, Critique Officer, and committee member. In the mid 1970’s I drew the template for the ANSAQ species and size standard chart that has been used since for most events with some changes being made over recent years. While President in 1979 I was privileged to award Eric Moller with his ANSA National Life Membership at a function at Cardwell. Over later years I was further privileged to have fished with Eric in my boat and in his, live baiting for javelin fish and luring for barra and jacks etc.

His skill with a baitcaster was inspiring, as was his ability to hand carve wooden lures with a pocket knife and basic implements. As it was the start of my newly found sportfishing activities in transition from my early days of net, catch and eat, I had only commenced using modern lures of the day and apart from making basic troll rigs and mackerel spoons I wasn’t interested in lure making as such. It was then 1974 and I decided to attempt to copy his lures using his same type tools and paint brands, something I eventually achieved with my lures as close replicas of Erics. I was very lucky in that as a friend of Eric I could visit Cardwell and sit with him for hours talking and watching as he generously showed me the techniques needed to make lures. Sadly as Eric passed away in 1981 my time interacting with him was limited.

It is not commonly known but Eric made quite a few different models before he stayed with the basic shallow and deep tiger type units so in demand today. He actually made garfish shaped lures in two sizes for both estuary and offshore use, using mulberry and silver ash timber respectively, and made excellent copies of nilsmaster as well. His basic timbers were white beech, red cedar, mulberry and silver ash, and I still own a few one metre  lengths of each of them cut to size ready for carving, given to me by Eric in the mid 1970’s. In the early days Eric cut his bibs from galvanized or zinc annealed sheet with metal snips, and much later by using a punch given to him with a small fault on an edge, but the early bibs were intact. Being a Plumber I also used metal snips to cut out my bibs, and in later years was given a supply of bibs from a mate John O’Sullivan who had produced them with a punch he had made.  Although I was advised that in later years Eric was using twisted wire eyelets I never ever saw him doing so. At the times we were together all he used was wire wrapped around a round object like a nail and shaped like a hairpin. Holes were then drilled into the lures to make a snug fit and after some araldite was pushed in with a piece of wire, the eyelet was coated with some glue and then pushed in. I can say that I never ever had an eyelet fail with this method, and to my knowledge neither did Eric. I even tested some in a vice by attaching wire and pulling with all my strength and there wasn’t any glue failure and only the wire eyelet straightened or deformed. 

It was around then that I became friends with Dave Killalea who was then experimenting with hand carved lures and I showed him the work I had done and what lures I had made. I can remember him swimming one of his early prototypes in my home swimming pool in Townsville and he has certainly made progress since then. While in a competitive mode in ANSA I completed in various fishing and other events and attained awards such as Masters in Plugcast, Spincast, Lure cast, Sportfishing and held several national and state fishing awards. In 1982 I was also awarded the first Life Membership of ANSA Qld although in deference to Vics’s prestige, although he was a later recipient, I am listed second in the official records. 

I joined the NQ Sportfishing Championships committee run from Cardwell in around 1971 and served as President, Secretary, Coordinator and committee member for around 35 years, the last 20 or so in league with my wife Lee who took on the role of Secretary/Organizer. From the late 1970’s I was also the inaugural northern representative of first the Qld Amateur Fishing Council, which became the Qld Sport and Recreation Fishing Council, and finally Sunfish as it is today, in which I served in various positions as Committee member and Boat Ramps Liaison Officer, until retiring from the group around 1995. For a period during those years I was also Secretary of the NQ Zone of ANSA Qld. I currently also have Life Membership in Tully and District SC, Tag and Release Sportfishing Club, and the North Queensland Sportfishing Championships Committee.

I first met Vic at a 1971 fishing competition in Hinchinbrook Channel involving Cairns SC, Tully SC, Hinchinbrook SC and my club the Townsville Amateur Light Gear Club, and my club and I joined ANSA that year. Vic and I became friends soon after we met and over the years, in addition to our association through ANSA and our family holidays at Cardwell he lived with us in Townsville twice, once after his hernia operation, the other for several months while his boat Ungmadi was being built in that city. When I retired to Cardwell in 2002 we had our regular Saturday morning coffee and chat which continued even after his stroke and ongoing disability. I learned many stories and tales of his life then from him which were very personal and interesting and of course that data will stay secret.  I have everyone of his books all signed, including one few even know about, named Vic McCristal’s Fishing Tackle, and all copies are personally signed. As my daughters grew up associated with Vic, I am keeping the books for them and so on.

I retired from the workplace in 2000 although had written some articles for the Sunfish magazine for a few years, I started writing for NQ Fish and Boat in 2002 and became a regular monthly article contributor until I ceased in 2014. My first article called “Pelican Man” told about my Grandfather. My articles were often about fishing methods but I mainly concentrated on general and human interest stories and pushed the need for conservation of the marine environment, especially wetlands, and various political agendas.

Don Porter

26 October 2017

Don Porter primarily made two style of lures - a bibbed minnow and a popper in various sizes for various applications. Some fine examples are shown here and thanks to Don for providing the information and history on this site.
Possum Lures - QLD: 
Possum Lures manufactured in South East Queensland by Cheryl Sipple and Moss Carpenter of Ormeau . These were first being sold in 1995. A Possum Lures advertisement in the 1995 QLD Fishing Monthly was endorsed by Alex Julius at Tackle Show in Fishing World 1995. Contact phone number was on the Gold Coast and the lures were available in 2, 3 and 4 inch models and were 'sectioned or jointed'. They were custom painted to 'any picture supplied' and were sold to an American company before quickly disappearing from the market.
Power Lures -Gold Coast QLD:
Power Lures are made by Bryan Power and he makes a large array of freshwater lures of the highest quality. Lures are handcarved and crafted with a paintjob that's hard to beat and Bryan is a very versatile lure maker. In the last few years Power Lures have increased in collector demand but also as a premium range of lures for Marray Cod and other native fish.
(Above) Power 'Codkilla' that was offered for sale on Ebay in 2018
 A stunning yabby that was posted on the Lure Lovers forum
Powell Lures - NSW: 
Powell Lures are made by Travers Powell and are still made in limited numbers. See full page bio under Powell Lures
Prawnstar Lures - QLD: 
Prawnstar lures produced a plastic prawn imitation and details are below. Company went under the name of Primal Fishing who were based in Red Hill, Brisbane.
Predatek Lures - QLD: 
Predatek lures are sometimes confused with the earlier 'Downunder Lures' and 'Boomerangs'. Predatek was created when Kevin Clarke left the partnership and is the brandname for the Downunder business. The 'Min Min' range of lures that were originally designed by Downunder were redesigned. Shown right is the colour range of the Min Min lure model made by Predatek. All lures are plastic moulded with laser printing with a fine range of naturalistic fish patterns. For the full history refer to the Predatek website. For further information on Predatek go to the Downunder biography.
Predatek Lures also continued the Boomerang style of lure and similar to the moulded Downunder versions but will have Predatek on the back as shown opposite. The earlier Boomerang has a wire front tow point.
Predator Lures - VIC : 
Originally carved from western red cedar and since changed to a moulded plastic lure. Predator Lures are made by Jan & David Brauman at Wangandary, VIC. Rarely sighted in the older packaging shown below, the lures are a nicely made lure and the earlier models can be easily identified by the heavy wire hangers used. The modern versions have considerably thinner wire than the earlier ones, are plastic and still available in 2017.
Below shows an original carved western red cedar Predator Lure in packaging.
Above shows the moulded versions c.2000
Pressey Lures, Derek Pressey - QLD: 
Made by Derek Pressey in Rockhampton and marketed under the 'Floppies and Flies' logo on the card. Pressey lures are moulded and not that common. Another Australian lure maker influenced by the revolutionary Floppy made by Rublex in France. Bottom is an advertisement from just before 2000.
Left is shown the packaging for both Pressey Lures (earlier) and the later Floppies and Flies paperwork. Earlier packaging has phone codes that are pre-1997.
Below is an advertisement from just before 2000.
Prickly Pete's Tail Spinner Lures - QLD: 
These lures were advertised in the early Mo's Tackle catalogue for 2000 and then no longer made. A larger vibe style lure with a spinning blade on the rear end of the lure. Made by Peter Davis. Advertisement is from the Lure Lovers forum.
Primal Fishing (Prawnstar) Lures - QLD: 
Andrew Fogerty from Bundaburg. No other information
Pristine Lures - QLD: 
Pristine Lures were made by Adam Turner from Bundaberg. Dave Carter from Assassin Lures is now in ownership of the original lathes and lure building equipment. 
Models included the 3 hook 'Barra Boss', the 'Allrounder', 'Herring' and the 'Lizard'. Models will have metal bibs when Adam first started making lures - later versions will have polycarbonate bibs 
Model shown right is a deep diver called the 'Bass-King'
Profke, Joe Profke Lures: 
Joe Profke is a keen cod angler who made timber lures in small numbers. Lures are no longer being made. Lure shown is an older model that has been signed by Joe after it was positively identified
Propeller Brand Cod Spinners: 
The Propeller Brand Cod Spinners are hard to find but came in various sizes. No advertising material has yet emerged but these are early and existed in the 1950's and before World War 2.
Top blade is marked 'Propeller' and '3' within a circle. Top blades riveted, bottom blades welded. Old brass swivel
Prossey River Barra Bait: 
The Prossey River Barra Bait was made by  Alex 'Flick' Robertson who made Flick's Lures.

Prowler Lures - ACT: 
Peter Rayner first sold lures in the early 1980's under the name of Prowler Lures. Pete has become a great friend over the past few years and has kindly provided lots of information about his lure making history which can be found under Rayna Free Range Lures
Pullen, Ashley Pullen Lures - NSW: 
Tony Pullen makes T.P Lures and Ashley has been watching his Dad since he was a youngster. As well as fishing for bass Ashley has also become a keen young lure collector as well as starting to make his own lures. Lure shown opposite is signed No 1 'Lilypool' and is his first attempt in 2018. Watch this space in the future . . . 
The lures above and right were sold on Ebay in 2015 to raise money for bass restocking programs.
Pullen, Tony Pullen Lures - NSW: 
Tony Pullen is an avid bass fisherman who has a passion for collecting Australian made lures but also makes a number of interesting lures himself as shown below. Most will be signed 'TP' with the year of manufacture. Tony sure comes up with some interesting designs. Also T.P Lures

Australian Lure Manufacturers Q

Quickmatch Lures - QLD: 
Peter Fooks made a small amount of large minnow style lures in Cooktown when he owned the lure shop. Some lures will be signed and have a transfer near tail with 'Quickmatch Lures' clearly marked. 
The two lures shown right are c.1988 and show distinct style with metal bibs. The two lures below showing distinctive 'coffin bib' shape similar to some Barra King lures.
Below is a very large Quickmatch bluewater minnow showing the transfer near tail. This lure is signed by Peter.