Hebert Lures  - VIC:

Hebert/Herbert Lures - VIC: 
Hebert lures are sometimes referred to as Herbert Lures however the maker was Hebert Safones and his handcarved creations were available in the late 1980's - 1990's. See extract below from Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine c.1992
Hebert lures are sometimes referred to as Herbert Lures as shown by this review from Freshwater Fishing. 
The lures below are signed  'Hebert' or 'HL' (earliest)
Two examples of the golden brown trout in two sizes.
It seems Hebert Safiones is capable of replicating most lure designs. The lures below are a copy of the American 'Beno' lure and signed with full name of maker.
Hebert lures are varied and unique in their style as shown by the lures below. The amazing Hebert yabby and grubs were in high demand when they were released and still fetch good prices.
There was a catalogue of Hebert Lures released for the trade - Hebert Lures ( marked as Herbert Lures) were sold through Complete Angler stores and other localised retailers.
 The tiny Hebert 'Salteno'
This Hebert creation is signed and has the customary glittery paint work which is a good indicator of Hebert Lures. 
                                      Hebert multi-jointed lures