Nat Nat Lures - NSW:

Nat Nat Lures - NSW:
Nat Nat lures were made in Guildford, Sydney by Bill Way. As well as making metal slugs and lures they also supplied some of the strongest split rings ever made. Early carded Nat Nat Lures will date to the late 1980's and be on a yellow card as shown in photo to the right - Model 'Bills Bullet' at 20gms. The logo stayed the same throughout the years however the cards did change from the early yellow card to a dark blue card for the chromed 'LUK' models and a paler blue card for the other models. These are shown in the full page advert c.1990. Bill sold the rights to Chris Scoble in Western Australia who sold them as part of his Seaducer range. Some still had the Bill Way information but different contact details. Chris stopped producing lures in about 2005 and his end stock went to a tackle store in Victoria Park which was subsequently sold to MO Tackle.
(Below )Advertisement from 1996 lists two new models as 'Bills Bluddy Terror' at 13g and 'Bills Terror' at 9g.
Nat Nat lures had some good logos and catchphrases at the time - 'The only B-way to fish', 'The Aristocrat of Lures' and 'Beta N Bait'.
The advert below is c. 1990 and shows the range of lures available at the time but also the relevant cards. There was also a taxidermist available. Nat Nat split rings advert is c.1992 - Bill's split rings were the strongest available.
Above is another advert c 1994.
There were also game fishing lures including a 7oz model as shown below and right
Below is the original advert that was run in Freshwater Fishing magazine in 2000. It says the business was established for 22 years which would put the official date where Nat Nat lures started as 1988. 
Nat Nat 'Bill's Popeye'