Barambah Lures  - QLD:

Hand made timber lures by Matt Fraser who creates some very interesting lure designs and exhibition pieces. Matt is really at the cutting edge of the modern lure maker; he is both an angler, lure maker and an active contributor to online forums and social media. This page is under construction and will have lots of photos added soon . . .
An earlier Barambah nude
The Barambah sensation started at 2016 Expo with the release of the Barambah 'Dragon' and from there the creations by Matt Fraser and his team have continued to build a reputation amongst collectors and anglers - Barambah Lures catch fish
In 2018 Matt and the Barambah team made a decision to start having the 'Bujiwong' and 'Manic Budgie' made outside of Australia due to high demand for the product. After a long year, the following range was released and the advertising below id from the Fish n Bits, Toowoomba stores first advertisement in 2019.