Mudeye Lures - NSW:

Mudeye Lures - NSW: 
Jamie Flett is a superb lure craftsman who has been making lures for over 30 years (since 1985). Born and bred in Inverell, Mudeye Lures are a unique range of lures that were originally made of timber but later moulded. Jamie has however always carved lures from timber. There are so many Mudeye models that there will be room for much expansion of this bio in the future.
(Right) Shows a very early timber 'Mudeye' with the original paperwork. This lure is pre-1997 since the telephone codes for Inverell and Armidale changed in that year. A magnificent specimen in 'Lady Beetle' colour pattern. Possibly dates to the early 1990's.
The advertisement below was found in an early 1990's publication of Freshwater Fishing where the lures show the plastic bibbed versions with Luxon clips.
(Below) Another earlier model called 'Mystique'
 Early timber 'Mudeye' model with different eyes - both signed
(Below) Shows an early timber 'Mudeye' and the classic shape that became typical of the successful Mudeye range along with two other early unmarked Mudeye lures. Top lure is a very early metal bibbed version of the later popular model.
Another rare model called 'Jumar'
(Below) Wholesale and retail price codes for the Mudeye 80mm, 60mm, 40mm range and the larger 130mm 'Popeye'.
Jamie is a magnificent craftsman and the following photos will showcase some of the timber 'nudes' and laminate lures he crafted from Australian timbers.
80mm Mudeye laminated timber - red cedar/white beech
Mudeye 'Oldman' lami  red cedar/silky oak
Surface paddler 'Depthcharge' in red cedar
Jamie has made some extremely interesting lures including the following furry mouse and rat imitations called the 'Thingy' - there were three sizes including the massive cod sized one pictured with the smallest version. Look like a fluffy toy fitted with hooks;
There are only a few of these in existence. Jamie certainly has a sense of humour. The 'Dead Stick' - apparently only made 3 (possibly more?) but the two known have different colour eyes - green/orange and white/green and the third has no eyes at all.
Jamie sold the Mudeye brand in April 2013 and has stopped making lures himself however the Mudeye brand will continue to sell lures. This page is under construction . . .