Oar-Gee Lures - NSW :

                                                                                  * Banner image is of an early colour in the Oar-gee 'Plow' model
Wayne Lennon from the Albury area has forged a reputation as one of the premium lure makers in Australia. There is an early Lennon lure named 'The Bug' which was made in the late 1980's before the Oar-gee name came to be. Early Oargee lures are hand carved from white beech and are purpose built as suggested by the names. 
When Oargee Lures hit the market in the early 1990's, they gained a reputation fast and although the timber models were made in reasonably large numbers, they still command good prices if in good condition or better.
An article in Fishing World, January 1993 lists 9 models and 26 colour patterns available through major tackle retailers or by mail order to Naretha Street, Wagga Wagga;
  •  'Intruder' - 13cm crash diver to 30ft.
  •  'Proline' - 14.5cm & 10.5cm dives to 12ft.
  •  'Plow' - 75mm (15ft) & 60mm (10ft).
  •  'Barra' - 120mm & 85mm aimed at 15ft.
  •  'Pee Wee' - 55mm 'Wee Pee' at 42mm
Timber Oargee 'Intruder'
 Oargee 'Plow' showing signature. This model was always made of cedar for extra buoyancy.
Left - 'Plow' in spotted rainbow trout and  'Proline' right.
The following timeline was kindly supplied by Dave Magner 
Year           Event
1985          First lures hand carved from timber.
1986          Switched to balsa bodies coated with fibreglass resign.
1986 /7      Started using Australian white beech, hand making bodies using a band saw and belt sander and lots of sand paper. This was the start of the Plows, Pee-Wee and Wee-Pee.
1992          Displayed at first fishing show Melbourne.
1993          Television show with Rex Hunt
1993          Changed to polyurethane bodies made by Lively lures.
1996          Set up our own polyurethane injection moulding machine, and did own on-site moulding.
2000          Changed all lures to plastic injection moulding. 75mm Plows, 60mm Plows, Pee-Wee, Wee-Pee, Shads and Lil Ripper
2004          First Barra Classic and team the Daly Oargees finished 5th.
2006          “OAR-GEE” becomes registered trade mark.
2006          Bib locking system and Oarsome barra lure are granted Patent Pending.
2006          Released the first of the Oarsome range of Barra Lures.
2006          Released the painted bib range of Plow lures.
2008          Released the 100mm Plow lure.
In the early 1990's Wayne started producing lures in polyurathane and moulded plastics including the 'Mongrel' (very few made) and 'Lil Ripper' but all Oargee lures are now moulded and will have markings on the bib.
Early 1990's Mo's catalogue lists the 'Lil Ripper', 40mm, available in 12 colours which is a moulded lure,  two sizes of 'Plow', and 3 new colours (13 in total) in the 'Wee-Pee' and 'Pee-Wee' range and these lures will be signed on the belly as shown in photos below. 
Left shows the comparison in size of the 'Pee Wee' and the 'Wee Pee' - both these models changed to injection moulded plastic in 2000.