Gidgee Lures - QLD

Gidgee Lures - QLD:
Tom Barrett seems like a relative newcomer to the lure making scene however he has been making his high quality hand made timber lures for many years and they have been available commercially since 2009. Tom spent some time in Tenterfield and his lure making was heavily influenced by the makers in this area. Gidgee Lures now hold a good part of the Australian hand made lure market. Gidgee lures own the rights to make the Paul Kneller 'Big River' designs which includes the 'Kidney Slapper', 'Pup' and 'Kelpie'. Classic models include bass favourites 'Ripple', 'Ripple Crank' and 'Knix' as well as the 'Wilbarra' and 'Wilbarra Fatty' that has proven a great fish for impoundment golden perch and Murray cod.