Deep River Lures - QLD:

                                                                                                  *Banner Image - Early Deep River 'Cray'
Deep River Lures - QLD:
Deep River lures are well made timber lures made by A J Barnard from Nathan, QLD. There are a number of models suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications and most of the lures are very original shapes with excellent hard wearing finishes. Most of the lures will be signed. All photos provided with permission from Deep River Lures.
Deep River 'Arc Diver' 
Early packaging will be a black background header with yellow Deep River Lures logo as shown. It would have been stapled to a clear plastic bag.
Below is two larger Deep River Lures and sticker. The lures are signed in capital letters on the belly as pictured.
(Below)  'Barra Cannibal' and 'Pod Medium 100' models
(Below) is two  Deep River 'Jack' Lures c.2012.   
(Below)  'Barra Cannibal'
Deep River 'Barra Cannibal'
Deep River 'Barra Cannibal' 110S (left) and assorted sizes and models above
Deep River 'Cod Cannibal'
The lures opposite were auctioned on the Deep River blog and are c.2013/14. Top 100mm proto w/ shovel bib. Bottom 125mm.
Deep River 'Jack Magic'
Deep River 'Mc Perch' including early prototype and drawings of model which was available in 3 sizes.

Deep River 'Toebiter' - only ever done in small runs a spectacular model done in a number of bright colours.
Slim 180S blanks with drawings
Deep River 'Slim' available in number of different lengths
Slim 115D
Deep River 'Mulgil'
Mulgil 100D - Above and opposite
Mulgil 100S
Mulgil 77D
Deep River 'Slider' 125  including poly bib shallow version and metal bibbed medium diver. This lure has an interesting design and featuring the inverted injured minnow design. First made in the 1990's.
There are a  number of different models dating back a few years and some of those are shown below;
The Deep River SL125 3H above c. 2016. 
This model was first made in 2012
                     The Deep River 'Bird' lures are shown below and Deep River Lures has protected this pattern with a registered design
                                     The lures above and below really show the high quality of Deep River Lures. Below is the 'Duck Ruckus'  
                                   The lures below are some that have come up for sale or made in the last couple of years.
Deep River 'Flea' - a new model for 2017 . . .