Thug Lures  - QLD:

THUG Lures - QLD:
Thug Lures are made in Cambooya, near Toowoomba, Queensland by Chris Anderson who has been making timber lures since 2015 and Kimmo who is the man behind the air brushing. 
At the Lure Expo 2016 there were some crazy airbrushed designs by Kimmo and it will be interesting to see where this style of talented airbrush artist inspired lures goes in the future.
Below is shown a couple of the earliest Thug Lures which became later models in the range
Thug 'Biggy' - an earlier creation
At Lure Expo 2016  the following lures were unveiled including the realistic Murray Cod left and the gargantuan 'Whiskers' - a juvenile hand carved timber catfish that has to be seen to be believed. It is an incredible piece of realism.
Thug Lures have been taking out awards at nearly every Lure Expo since 2015. The creativity of the lures that are carved and painted to such a high standard that many of the Thug creations literally border on realism and artwork although they are fully functional lures.
At Lure Expo 2017 there was more innovation with the ' Klown' series and many other notable lures. Again more awards this year for Thug with the 'Harro Bug' shown below surely one of the all time airbrushing masterpieces. A realistic portrait of Rod Harrison on one side and a Murray Cod on the other. Sensational.
Thug Lures ' Klowns' were first introduced in 2017 and they really did surprise everyone with the carving skills and detailed air brush work. Left are the earlier 'Circus Tent' cards. Below are Expo 2018 'Klowns' on traditional Thug cards.
These lures really set the tone for what was to appear in 2018 with lots of creations to keep collectors busy
Thug 'Foo Man Shoo' was unearthed at Expo 2018 - certainly a surface paddler with a twist.
Thug Lures 'Carlos' shown left and an earlier model from a couple of years ago which has a similar body top the 'Carlos' without the extra carving details.
Thug Lures that resemble little scared ghosts
 'Kong' - numbered and signed like most of the Thug lure range.
Thug Lures unfortunately stopped manufacturing lures under the partnership and the last batch of lures were released in November 2018. Chris Anderson has set up Grumpy Lures and from late 2018 has released a small range of timber carved lures. Kimmo Baldwin is still producing lures under the Thug banner. 
The reverse of the card is printed 'Thug Lures Last Batch'